The ASMC is a professional organization of people in the field of financial management in the Department of Defense and the Coast Guard. ASMC was established in 1948 and currently has over 18,000 members worldwide. Our National Headquarters is designated a non-profit professional society under the provisions of Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Our purpose is to promote the education and training of our members for further development of their financial management capabilities. More specifically, we serve the public interest by: Promoting educational opportunities such as mini PDI training and National PDI Conference development; Supporting the development and advancement of the military financial management profession; Sponsoring research in military financial management topics and publishing the results as appropriate; Encouraging a free exchange of techniques, approaches, and problem solving; and providing communication facilities to keep members and other interested individuals abreast of current events in military financial management.

In fulfilling our purpose, the Fort Meade Chapter of the ASMC:

Encourages the continued professional development of all personnel interested in the military financial management career field. Hosts seminars, and other educational meetings for our members so that the membership can keep abreast of current issues and trends. Publishes newsletters on current military financial management topics. Conducts community outreach with local schools, the Fort Meade Army Community Service (ACS) and local charities.

2017 Mini-Pdi event

Thursday 16, November 0730 – 1630


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